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Trends sheer sophistication , the shabby and vintage styles are present not only in interior decoration .
With the use of external areas to perform the various ceremonies , romanticism invaded the garden ...

Currently , decorating trends vintage style create new environments , merging old with modern
producing unique and romantic spaces . The vintage style is basically a way of using references and
objects from other times , to create a new environment , inspired but not equal ,
to those who had at these times . This style is not new , having been first used in the 30s and 40s.
However , at that time , the times in which they were inspired others.
Today , the vintage style is based mainly in the 40s , 50s and 60s .

The decor vintage style lies not in ostentation or the profusion of old objects .
Moreover , the characteristics of vintage décor spend a lot of details , giving great personality ,
charm, and a certain aura of romanticism to a house, without, however , to lose one modern tone .
Therefore , create a vintage atmosphere is not necessarily expensive. Knowing use the details correctly,
can be created an environment full of charm and romance , without spending much money .
Then leave some examples of details that make all the difference to decorate your home to the vintage style .



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